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Montana's Candidate for State House HD94
Gary Marbut

During the 1990s, Gary Marbut organized a multi-year, statewide campaign for hunters to donate excess game meat to neighbors in need and to Montana food banks. The food bank network reported that meat donated by hunters became the primary source of protein-rich food for their clients, food that was also free of pesticides, antibiotics, steroids and other commercial chemicals. Gary designed and implemented an emergency medical services system to deliver care to the Native American population of the Interior of Alaska, covering an area about the size of Texas. In 2005, Gary originated and described an environmentally friendly process to clean up our forests and prevent catastrophic wildfires by using biomass conversion technology to convert excess but low-value forest biomass into green power at the forest cleanup project location and use the power grid to transport this desirable green electricity to willing buyers.  This process is carbon neutral and produces zero pollution, unlike wildfires, and would provide much-needed jobs.


Gary Marbut designed and implemented the highly acclaimed "Be Safe" firearm safety program for Montana children. School teachers asked to rate Be Safe on a scale of 1-10 give it an average of 9.9.  Given the high density of firearms in Montana, Be Safe has become the preferred method to deliver essential firearm safety education to Montana children, affecting many thousands and certainly saving many children's lives.


As a private citizen, Gary Marbut has also introduced over 50 pieces of legislation to the State House of Representatives which have passed. More than many elected officials. His dedication to all residents of Montana, his compassion, and his dedication make Gary Marbut the candidate for HD 94, and the candidate for the Veterans' Party of America.



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